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Commercial Ice Machine Maintenance & Repair

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Many out-of-state companies offer low prices but don't offer installation, maintenance, and repair service after the sale. Even worse, without a thorough evaluation of your business environment, these companies may sell you a commercial ice machine that doesn't fit your needs. Since Authentic Air LLC serves Greater New Orleans, the North Shore, and the River Parishes, it makes sense to choose a local Louisiana company with the expertise to help you select the right equipment. You can trust that our experienced technicians will be there for you after the sale to install your ice machine. Authentic Air LLC will recommend and install the proper water filtration system to prolong the life of your ice machine, maximize ice production capacity, lower energy usage, reduce the build-up of mineral deposits, and most of all, improve the quality and taste of your ice.

After the sale and installation, Authentic Air LLC offers maintenance service to help keep your ice machine healthy and running at maximum efficiency. If something should go wrong during the course of your business operations, our technicians are just a phone call away to provide you with repair service. Although we recommend the Scotsman Ice Systems, we provide maintenance and repair service on most commercial ice machine brands.

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